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This site is far from finished right now. Big thanks to Mike McGarel for his assistance so far. 
 But when this site does get finished, it will be a landing page to any and hopefully all XPage Videos. 
Eventually, we will have categories, searching, all sorts of good stuff.  :-) 
While I finish up the details, here's some Videos to get you started

XPages Jumpstart!! !  
Get up to speed quick with almost 2 Hours of getting started information
Extended Episode 1: Introduction to XPages
Extended Episode 6: XPages: Beyond the Introduction

Also be sure to check out  XPagesCheatSheet.com  which contains XPages getting started CheatSheets, live examples and Demo Databases that you can download.

006 – A Blueprint to XPages
007 – A License to TypeAhead
009 – Viewer Questions on XPages
011 – BluePrint and UI Layout
013 – XPages and XML
014 – Repeats Repeated 025 - Selecing Documents Inside a Repeat Control
026 - Collapsing and Expanding Views in XPages
027 - The View Picker Custom Control
028 - XPages and CGI Variables
029 - Combine URL Parameters with Excel Reporting
030 - Formatting Numbers in XPages
031 - Styling NamePicker with oneUI
032 - Testing XPages
033 - Introduction to Remote Services
034 - F4 is your Friend
035 - XPages ViewPicker 3.0
036 - The IBM XWork Server
037 - Speeding up XPages
038 - XPages and iOS Trick
039 - Creating PDF's from XPages Part 2
040 - Automated XPages Testing
041 - Domino Designer Source Control Part 1
042 - XPages: Application Layout Control
Extended Editions
Extended Episode 5: XPages CMS App WalkThrough
Extended Episode 07: XPages and Mobile Controls
Extended Episode 08: XPages- One Man's Journey
Extended Episode 09: Using Java HashMaps and TreeMaps
Extended Episode 10: Simple Repeats in XPages
Extended Episode 11: XPages SplitScreen – View and Document
Extended Episode 12: Creating PDF’s from XPages Part 1

Intro to Java Series
Paul Withers: Creating a Lotus Notes Live Text Widget to launch an Authenticated XPage

Additional XPages related videos can be found at: XPages.Info